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The bell that calls us on..

The sweet, far thing.

Mab the Faerie Queen
5 October 1987
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Brandi. 25. Pennsylvania. History & Theatre Arts major. Gryffindor. Libra. Fire Rabbit. Lavender. INFP|INTP. Deist. Liberal Democrat. Bibliophile. Actress. Soprano. Fantasy, Young Adult, & Historical Fiction Lover. Nerdfighter. Cat Owner & Animal Lover           ♥

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House Targaryen
, a wrinkle in time, abofal, acting, alice in wonderland, an abundance of katherines, back to the future, barack obama, big fish, black phoenix alchemy lab, boy meets world, boys in sweater vests, british sea power, buddy holly, buying too much makeup, camp nowhere, cats, chicago, christina ricci, christopher lloyd, cole sprouse, college, daniel radcliffe, dion and the belmonts, disney, dr. horrible, drawing, dresses, dylan sprouse, eating, faeries, felicity worthington, finding neverland, flip flops, gilmore girls, glee, gothic architecture, greek mythology, gregory peck, gryffindor, hank green, harry potter, harry potter conferences, house, huge pillows, hugh laurie, infp, ingrid bergman, jewelry, jk rowling, john green, john william waterhouse, kittens, la roux, lace, lea michele, lea solanga, learning, les miserables, libba bray, light in the piazza, lions, looking for alaska, lord byron, lord frederick leighton, lucille ball, luna lovegood, lush, m.r. ducks, moulin rouge, musicals, neil gaiman, neil patrick harris, nerdfighters, nerds, neville/luna, now and then, oscar wilde, pan's labyrinth, paper towns, penelope, penguins, percy bysshe shelley, perfume, peter pan, phantom of the opera, philosophy, photography, piece the musical, playing guitar, poetry, procrastinating, pumpkin the movie, purses, qdoba, quidditch, ralph waldo emerson, ravenclaw, ravendor, reading, retail therapy, salvador dali, sarcasm, saved!, sean biggerstaff, self-education, siamese kitties, singing, sleeping, snl, spamalot, spellbound, spontaneous dance breaks, stephen fry, suite life on deck, swimming, taylor swift, terminus 2008, the 50s and 60s, the beach at night, the beatles, the chronicles of narnia, the doors, the full monty, the killers, the last five years, the new york dolls, the pixies, the popples, the pretenders, the secret garden, the sprouse twins, theatre, theology, thora birch, transylvanian accents, urban outfitters, victor hugo, victoria's secret pink, vintage, vlogbrothers, waking life, wasting money, whose line, wicked, wizard ties trolls, writing, ya literature, youtube,